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Mahha Guru Gauravv Mittal is the world famous Award Winning Celebrity Astro-Numerologist Mathematician, who has a great hold over occult sciences; among these are Numerology, Astronomy, Astrology, color & gems therapy, Vastu, Rudraksha Therapy, Prasanavali, Ayurveda mixed with Astrology, Reiki, Vedic Mantra, Tantra Science etc.

Before Astro/Numerology enlightenment, MahhaGuru did his Masters in Finance with International Marketing and Bachelor in Electricals from Premier B and Tech institute.

MahhaGuru uses Numerology techniques for name number correction, luck number, colors, Life path number etc. He uses Indian /Western and Vedic astrology for checking out details pertaining to Lagna/Chandra/ Navmasha kundli charts, Maha Dasha, Anter Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha, sub-sub Dasha up to day level hora along with considering all possible Dosha/ Yog in Kundli. He also uses “Prasanavali” as technique to give answer to certain questions. MahhaGuru focus is more on improving the Human life challenges and problems from holistic perspective by making the person to become highly positive by aligning his/her karmic energies to universe rather than giving just quick remedies whose impact don't last for long.

MahhaGuru believes that once the person is positive, the tasks done by him yield fruitful results. MahhaGuru suggested remedies are mixed of Vedic Astrology and Lal Kitab backed up by Numerology.

He focuses more on Vedic mantras, gems & Stone therapies, color therapies, Rudraksha Therapies, Vastu sciences principles etc. to make the person positive which is the key to keep away all life problems.

His advices and suggestions have helped thousands of common people/Politicians/ Celebrities /Industrialists /Business man/ CEO/HR heads etc. to fulfill their desires and lead comfortable life. MahhaGuru has helped people to come out from their difficult time of life and prosper in their lives.

MahhaGuru predictions and suggestions have been right in almost every case. His recent high profile predictions were correct for Bigg Boss season 11 and season 10; Arvind Kejriwal as Delhi CM, Salman Kan Bail; Sahara Sri Subrata Roy bail, Tamil Nadu Ex. Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalalithaa bail, time ahead for Vijay Malaya, Faith of Movie Padmavat, Prime Minister in 2019, Number of seats for BJP in lok sabha election etc.

Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal as IT businessmen:

As a Founding board member, MD& CEO, Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal has been instrumental in setting up ITCONS e-Solution private limited starting from zero to 3000+ resources staffing & Technology firm.

A 20+ yrs. Certified PMP and experienced professional in IT industry having worked in various capacities like Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager, Program Manager, Ops Manager and Manager Transition carry good hands on experience not only in Technology but in business financial/ sales marketing specially Cash flow management, financial planning and Client relationship management etc.

Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal in FMCG business:

Mahhaguru has recently entered into FMCG and launched RashiJal & NavGrah Jal and other beverages including juices, soft drinks, Soda etc. He is also launching full range of personal care, home care, food items, beauty products etc. based on organic, Herbal, Ayurveda mixed with Vedic Astrology concept.

RashiJal is Swadeshi, Herbal Infused & Energized water based with Rashi (Zodiac sign) Mantra. It contains specific extracts from rare herbs and plants that are beneficial to the specific Rashi and available in 1 litre bottle where as NavGrahJal is again Swadeshi, Herbal infused water which is energized with 9 planets chants; available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 900 ml variants. CSD (Soft Drinks) are available in 250 ml variants where as Juices are available in 200 ml and 500 ml variants; 1 litre and 2 litre variants are in pipeline.

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Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal in Philanthropy:

"Mahakal Maharaj Bikaner Sewa Mandir” Trust" in which primarily, we provide assistance to construct temples, Old age homes, Orphanages in different places and further to help under privileged and poor section of the society with monetary, medical, food items, preschools are getting opened under its DIVINITI mission."

Mission ‘DIVINITI’ Objectives:

  • Establishing Old age Home and Orphanage across India under Diviniti Old age home & Orphanage Programme.
  • Establishing Mandir at various parts of India under Diviniti Divine Programme.
  • Opening primary schools focusing on education based on Vedic sciences under Diviniti Pre-School Programme.
  • Free clean water/ Food items distribution to needy in various parts in India under Diviniti Smile Programme.
  • Green and clean Environment - Tree Plantations under Diviniti Green Programme.
  • Helping some poor/ govt schools /other NGO with required essentials under Diviniti Partner Programme.
  • Helping unmarried poor females in their marriage under Diviniti Bless Programme.
  • Swatch Bharat mission – Making of Public toilets/ dustbins distribution or related material distribution etc. under Diviniti Social Programme.
  • Skilling and upskilling Indian youth under Diviniti Skill Programme.

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MahhaGuru Professional Associations:

Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal is an Angel investor and is professionally associated with various premium Management and Technology institutes for special guest lecturer on various topics also associated with their E-Cell. Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal is also member of academic council of Jaipuria School of Business. Mahhaguru Gauravv Mittal is President for Mahagun Mansion RWA, General secretery for CONRWA (Confederation of NCR residents’ welfare association), Executive board member for Flat Owner Federation Ghaziabad Chapter and also associated with various forums, Gaushala, Old age homes, orphanages etc.

Some of Industry Awards to MahhaGuru:

  • Life time achievement award on Astrology and Vastu by Society of Vastu Sciences.
  • Karmaveer Chakra Award 2016
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
  • Industry Excellence Award 2018 by Amity
  • Finalist of Red Herring Global Award 2010.
  • Finalist of Red Herring Asia Award 2010.
  • Star Entrepreneur Award 2009.
  • Finalist of Power of Ideas, Economic Times Award 2009.
  • Finalist of NASSCOM IT Innovator award 2009.
  • Microsoft Biz Spark Award 2008.
  • Finalist of TATA NEN hottest startups awards 2008.

MahhaGuru Statement of wisdom:

It is indeed a tragedy of circumstances my lord that my help to others depend upon problems others faces. But also it is my good fortune that you have given me this excellent opportunity to mitigate their sufferings and thus a tone for whatever selfish interests I might have.

You have cast upon my shoulders this great responsibility and also have given me dexterity to do it. Please grant me the strength my God, to enable me to fulfill this task in all earnestness.

And yet all the while, let me have unwavering faith in you and let me not even forget that ultimately it's you who are the real great healer and the fountain head of well- being and that i am merely a medium through which your benevolence flows.

O! My lord, bestow upon my followers thy healing touch.

Purpose of the App

Basically this will be sort of peer-peer app where users from different social networking portal will get registered to app. Users can seek for help when needed by triggering a button from an app that will notify all other users or groups of users by sharing respective user profile + location on the map with them. In fact, app will show the stats of duration/timing to reach to user’s location by Walk, Bike or 4 wheelers. It will also empower the users to click and post pics and videos for anything wrong happening on multiple social media in single click.

App Features at a Glance:

The app will involve the following features:

  • User registration Login with Face book, Google or signup. If any user login into an app via face book then users in his friend list who also registered on this app, will automatically added to friend list under logged in user.
  • My profile: User can change their personal details like name, email or location as per the need. One needs to add emergency contact number too. User verification happens with OTP sent on registered mobile number.
  • Search a friend: Logged in user can search other registered users by their name or location.
  • Create your own groups to seek help: Users can create their own group of users whom notification will receive or select an option notify all the users.
  • Panic Button: Will only visible to authenticated user cum verified by phone number. Panic button will automatically get connected to police number of the country or any other number of user’s preference. Panic button will appear globally at the footer so user can easily find it in need.
    On pressing the panic button, it will start finding out the app connected users within a radius starting from 500 meters from the person who is pressing the panic button until it finds 20 app friends. It will help users on google map location the person in need; first preference will be given to users who are connected on any of social media platform considering them as known friends. If the app does not find 20 friends of social media on app within 500 meters, app will then send the notification to other app users who are nearest. Subsequently if 20 users of social media or random users on app are not found in 500 meters, app will send notification to other random users automatically by increasing radius searching by 100 meters and so on.
    On receiving the panic request, the receiver has the option to accept / reject or block the panic request. On accepting the request, the request raiser shall be able to see who all have accepted the panic request.
  • Check History: Can see the history of users who responded/helped logged in user in the past when panic button gets pressed. History of all panic reports raised by person shall remain on server and users will be able to see the request numbers.
  • Social Invites: App will have a separate screen from where User can invite his friends through Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Vigo, UCNews and other famous social media apps.
  • Voice Command: We can initiate panic button from voice command too using google assistant.
  • Multi Lingual: English and Hindi will be supported in first version of the application.
  • Push notification: will be implemented on the app: This allows a mobile phone to receive and display text message alerts even when the device's screen is locked and the social media application that is pushing the notification is closed.
  • Make every wrong to Right: Option to click pics of anything wrong happening around; post directly on all social media platforms like LinkedIn /FaceBook/Instagram/Google/Twitter etc. with location details and hash tag #MeinbhiChowkidar and #TheGrouPower.
  • Donate feature: One can make the donation to trust for social cause and to maintain the app using the Donate feature available which internally is using PayUmoney payment gateway.

Technologies Used: Following technology is used for the development of the app:

Android app tools: Java and Android Studio (3.2 version) + Developer account Google (https://developer.android.com/distribute/console/)

Web Framework: Laravel

Hosting Provider + Server: AWS + Linux machine with Apache server

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